Cleaning on the Move

rugMoving is a great time to either update your rugs and furniture, or to clean the ones you currently have. If you find that you just don’t have the funds to buy all new items, you can clean them for yourself! Keeping your area rugs looking their best is an important aspect to the cleanliness of your new home in Las Vegas. Rug care is determined by size, construction, and material. Care for large-size area rugs the same you would care for wall-to-wall carpet. Read on for more tips on how best to clean your large rugs.

Vacuum large rugs

Removing dirt from your large rugs is essential. As with carpet, the most important thing you can do for larger rugs is to vacuum them regularly. If your rug is reversible, vacuum both sides. This removes grit and grime that can wear out your rug prematurely. Take care not to vacuum the fringe of your rug, as this may ruin the nice look it may have.

Brush out pet hair

A vacuum will most often leave pet hair behind. Use a stiff brush to remove the hair, brushing in the direction of the nap of the rug. If you do this, you will see a greater improvement of the look of your rug. Pet hair makes it look dull and dirty, and a vacuum just won’t cut it.

Shake small rugs

If your rug is small enough, you can take it outside and shake it or beat it vigorously to remove dirt and grit. Some areas have ordinances about shaking rugs outdoors, so check your local codes.

Stain removal

Time is of the essence when your rug becomes stained. Remember to blot the stain – don’t rub it! – and remove moisture from spills as quickly as possible.

  • Alcohol/soft drinks: Use a solution of 1 teaspoon dish detergent, 1 quart warm water, and 1/4 teaspoon white vinegar. Apply to the stain, rinse, then blot dry.
  • Coffee or tea: Using the same detergent mix as above, apply to the stain, rinse, and then blot. If a stain remains, use a commercial spot carpet cleaner.
  • Fat-based stains: For foods such as butter, margarine, or gravy, use a dry-solvent spot carpet cleaner.
  • Gum: Peel off as much as you can, then put ice cubes in a plastic bag and place on the gum to harden it, then scrape the rest off with a spoon or knife. Vacuum and use spot cleaner if needed.
  • Paint: For acrylic and latex paint, while the stain is still wet, spot-clean with the detergent solution. If color remains, dab with rubbing alcohol.

If you follow each of these tips, your rugs will stay beautiful and clean. When you move into your new home, think how wonderful it will be to have freshly cleaned rugs! You will love the addition and make your possessions feel like new along with your new home itself. This is a great way to update your home! For more tips, click here.