Flooring Tips for Your New Home, Part 1

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAInstalling flooring in your new home can be a fun and exciting thing that adds much depth and beauty to your home. If you are unsure about what types of flooring to use, we have the best tips right here for you. We will show you the pros and cons to certain types of flooring, and you’ll understand how best to incorporate these things into your home.

Lay floors for maximum strength

Many people choose to install their floorboards lengthwise across the room in order to have it look the most pleasing aesthetically. However, it is important that, when you are deciding, you should run these perpendicular to your joist. This will make sure your floor is as strong as possible, and will also prevent warping or separating in those pieces in the long run.

Start with a level surface

Before installing any type of flooring, it is important to make sure your subfloor is completely level. If there are any voids underneath the floorboards, the floor will squeak. Try leveling your floor with sand and top it with a rubber underlayment made from recycled materials. This will help ensure that your floor is as sturdy as possible, and will not squeak once it is completed.

Lay a subfloor if needed

If you plan to glue down your floor, the only preparation you need is to level it. If you want to nail down your floor, you must nail a subfloor. Be sure the total thickness of the flooring plus the plywood is enough to receive the nails. If not, you will have nails poking up through your flooring, which can cause a lot of damage if you are not careful.

Consider a floating floor

Floating floors are inexpensive and quite easy to install. You can even do this process without the use of metal nails or any type of glue. These are also a great option if your old flooring may have contained asbestos. The boards of a floating floor can be installed right on top of your old floors, which saves you the cost of calling in professionals to remove the asbestos for you.

Flooring in your new home is an essential part of making your home not only look beautiful, but it is also essential to make it as functional as possible. Choosing the right kind of flooring in your home will help ensure that you have the best possible options that will stand the test of time. If you are worried or concerned about using the proper flooring, look no further! Follow our simple tips and watch your home grow to be as beautiful as possible in no time. Doing this for your flooring will help you on your way to having a beautiful home. If you have questions about flooring in your new home in Las Vegas, contact our offices for more information. We’d love to help you with all your questions.