You should feel confident when buying a home ~Cody Lewis

For Home Buyers

Home buyers might be hearing it’s impossible to buy a house in this market unless you’re an all cash buyer. That simply is NOT true. Whether it’s a “seller’s market” or a “buyer’s market,” the home that’s right for you is out there and available.

Before you begin your home search, ask yourself:

  1. Do you have a clear, well developed strategy? What is that strategy?
  2. Have you taken the few simple steps that would make your offers stronger than the competing offers?
  3. Do you have someone representing you that has the experience and negotiation training that will make you successful?

Home Buyers

At Lewis Realty Group, we don’t just cross our fingers and hope. Nor do we simply fire out offers. We carefully formulate a strategy specific to your situation and position you to have as many advantages as possible, giving you the highest probability of success. For this reason, the industry has an offer acceptance rate of around 20%, while our clients enjoy an offer acceptance rate of over 75%.

We are so confident you’ll be thrilled with your experience with us that we offer you a 100% Satisfaction Guaranty. Home buyers should contact us today to formulate a winning strategy.

ibarraWe are so grateful for the help Cody gave us when we short sold our condo. We were very reluctant and nervous about the whole process, but Cody guided us through it in a way that made us very comfortable. We always felt as though we were being taken care of. Cody’s communication with us was excellent, and his explanations made the complicated seem simple.

Nelson & Hollie Ibarra

AndrusWhen we learned we would be moving from Las Vegas, we immediately thought of Cody to sell our home for us. We had to move even before we were done selling, and he handled everything for us – way above the normal call of duty. He completely lived up to his 100% Satisfaction Guaranty.

Brady & Michelle Andrus

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