Tips for an Organized Home

bedroomOrganizing your new home in Las Vegas is a great way to make yourself feel more at home. Today we have some great tips to keep your home organized. Read on to find out more.

Footwear in the foyer

Shoes need to be kept either on a mat or on a movable supporting rack so that the floor underneath can be cleaned regularly. In a formal foyer, you can use mats placed inside the closet under the coats. In a less formal entryway or where there’s no closet, use attractive wooden or metal shoe racks to hold shoes and boots, or use a decorative wicker basket as an entryway accent and shoe organizer. Stackable shoe shelves are inexpensive and provide plenty of air circulation that will help wet shoes and boots to dry.

Coat storage

Many entryways don’t have a closet, and even when they do, a freestanding piece of furniture can provide additional coat storage. Coat racks, hall trees and hooks and pegs can help corral coats.

Scarves, mittens and gloves

Scarves are generally hung up to make them accessible and to air them out. But they can be folded and stored in bins or baskets in the closet or on shelves or in cubbies in the entryway. Mittens and gloves need to be kept with their mates, and should be kept in storage that allows for air to circulate around them. A shallow woven or mesh tray or basket is ideal. If many people are using the entryway, consider including several clothespins in mitten and glove storage, so that mates can be pinned together.


These should be stored standing up. When laid on their side, the ribs can get damaged. The best umbrella stands allow for air circulation around the umbrellas so that they can dry effectively when brought in out of the rain. This doesn’t mean you have to go in search of an actual umbrella stand. Wicker or wire-mesh trash baskets can function perfectly well as umbrella holders.


Keep your keys from getting lost by giving them a specific place where they go the minute you walk in the door. You can use any of a number of key hangers available in a diversity of styles. You can also go the less expensive route of just mounting a hook for the keys on a wall or other nearby surface. If you have multiple sets of keys – including backup sets of your house keys and keys for locked sheds, keep them all in the same place.

If you follow these home organizing tips, you will be surprised by how well your home looks and stays organized. If you have any questions contact us today. We can help you get into a new home that you will love for many years to come!

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